Dr. Jerry Argovitz

The Super Agent

An Intimate Look into Jerry Argovitz’s Impact on Professional Sports


In the vast landscape of literature on professional sports, “The Super Agent” stands out as a seminal work that delves into the multifaceted career of Jerry Argovitz, a stalwart of the sports industry. Co-written with J. David Miller, the book provides an unfiltered account of Argovitz’s experiences as an influential sports agent and team owner. This article explores the key themes, highlights, and significance of “The Super Agent.”

The Premise

“The Super Agent” recounts the riveting journey of Jerry Argovitz, a prominent figure who reshaped the dynamics of professional sports. Argovitz’s career, though centered on football, touches on several sports, and his experiences shed light on the inner workings of the industry. The book serves as both an autobiography and an insightful commentary on the business of professional sports.

"The most powerful man in football".
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"Dr. Argovitz is the dentist that drilled the NFL for money and changed the way the game was played".
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"If everybody in the NFL hates you, besides your players, you must be doing something right."
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"A maverick and a football visionary. He always put his players first".
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The Evolving Role of The Sports Agent

Argovitz’s candid narrative offers an in-depth exploration of several key themes. One of the most notable is the evolving role of the sports agent. Argovitz was at the vanguard of this transformation, acting as a fervent advocate for his clients and securing them unprecedented contracts. His strategic negotiations, which shifted the power dynamics between players and franchises, are discussed in detail, illuminating the landscape of sports management in the 1970s and 80s.

The book also delves into Argovitz’s role as a co-founder and owner of the United States Football League (USFL)’s Houston Gamblers. This venture was a significant departure from the traditional football model, offering players alternative avenues and compelling the NFL to alter its practices.

Argovitz’s Influence and Legacy
“The Super Agent” underscores Argovitz’s influence on the sports world, both through his advocacy for players and his innovative approach to league operations. His unyielding drive to secure better contracts for players transformed the status quo, leading to improved financial security for athletes. His involvement in the USFL, while short-lived, catalyzed lasting changes in professional football.

Notable Anecdotes and Insights

One of the major strengths of “The Super Agent” lies in the wealth of anecdotes and insider insights that Argovitz shares. From behind-the-scenes stories of drafting Heisman Trophy winners like Billy Sims and Mike Rozier to negotiating Steve Young’s groundbreaking contract with the Los Angeles Express, the book is packed with captivating tales that reveal the realities of the sports industry.

Moreover, Argovitz provides a detailed account of the creation, operation, and eventual dissolution of the USFL, offering a rare insider’s perspective on this intriguing chapter in football history.

Significance and Impact
“The Super Agent” has been hailed as a compelling read for both sports enthusiasts and those interested in the business aspects of the industry. Its insights into contract negotiations, player representation, and league operations have made it a valuable resource for aspiring sports agents and executives.

In summary, “The Super Agent” is an enlightening exploration of Jerry Argovitz’s illustrious career and the transformative impact he has had on professional sports. By providing a first-hand account of his experiences, the book offers readers an unparalleled window into the sports industry’s inner workings during a time of significant change and progress.