Dr. Jerry Argovitz

The Jerry Argovitz Sports Institute

Molding the Sports Leaders of Tomorrow

The Jerry Argovitz Sports Institute (J.A.S.I.) is a pioneering initiative in sports management education. It represents the culmination of the vision of Jerry Argovitz, a titan in the field of sports management, whose influential career has spanned roles as a sports agent, team owner, and much more. This article delves into the details of the Institute, its mission, and its contribution to the sports industry.

J.A.S.I.'s Mission

The core mission of the Jerry Argovitz Sports Institute (J.A.S.I.) is to prepare students for thriving and successful lives by furnishing them with a well-rounded foundation that covers various life skills and lessons. We aim to arm our students with a robust understanding of essential life topics, including interpersonal relationships, financial literacy, personal development, and ethical decision-making. Our curriculum is crafted to delve into the multifaceted aspects of life, ensuring that our graduates emerge as well-balanced individuals capable of navigating the complexities and challenges that lie ahead.

In addition to equipping students with core life skills, J.A.S.I. is committed to providing deep insights into the art of living well. Our focus goes beyond just basic life skills; we aim to introduce our students to advanced topics like emotional intelligence, career development, community involvement, and even crisis resilience. Our goal is to nurture a generation of future leaders who not only understand the nuts and bolts of life but also possess the emotional acumen and vision to thrive in an ever-changing world. Through a blend of theoretical frameworks and hands-on experiences, J.A.S.I. aims to be the launching pad for our students’ long-term success and well-being.

Jerry Argovitz Sports Institure


Jerry Argovitz Sports Institute

Molding the Sports Leaders of Tomorrow

Origins of J.A.S.I.

Launched in the mid-2020s, the Jerry Argovitz Sports Institute (J.A.S.I.) is the brainchild of Jerry Argovitz himself. Leveraging his wealth of experience and industry connections, Argovitz saw the need for a dedicated institution that could prepare the next generation of sports leaders. The Institute is his response to this need, delivering an educational experience uniquely tailored to the realities and demands of the sports industry.

The primary mission of J.A.S.I. is to prepare students for successful careers in the sports industry by providing them with a solid foundation in various aspects of sports management, including player representation, team management, and league operations. It aims to provide comprehensive insights into the business side of sports, incorporating everything from contract negotiations and player welfare to marketing and public relations.

The Curriculum

The curriculum at J.A.S.I. is designed to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The program includes courses in sports law, contract negotiation, finance, marketing, public relations, event management, and more. To ensure students have a well-rounded understanding of the industry, the curriculum also covers topics like sports ethics, media, and communications.

The Institute also offers unique hands-on learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to participate in internships with sports teams, agencies, and other sports-related organizations, providing invaluable real-world experience.

Pass Out Bible, The Playbook for Success

  • Why am I here again? To make a difference today for someone struggling for a better tomorrow. 
  • My purpose is to help you be the best! JASI gives you the tools but it is up to you to use them!
  • Remember, it’s not how you start, but how you finish in life. 
  • My story is, if you dont believe in yourself, no one else will!
  • Success doesn’t come to those who sit around and wish. But is captured by those who want to succeed. 
  • In Football, I tell my teams it’s not probable to win every game.
  • Winning in life it’s not the most important thing, but preparing yourself to win is important. Failing to plan is planning to fail!
  • You must have a definite goal.  Write it down and read it. A plan recipe. The roadmap to achieve success. 
  • My goal is to help you change your life. (Yeow Doc, that’s easy for you to say.) We are not exactly a university of higher learning. 
  • I know that. Is there anyone in here that’s struggling for a better tomorrow? Stand up!
  • Kathy and I want to do something that’s bigger than all of us. Together, we can make a difference. 
  • I can teach the student to teach and change other’s lives.

Notable Faculty and Guest Lecturers

One of the highlights of studying at J.A.S.I. is the access to a roster of experienced professionals. Many of the faculty members are seasoned veterans of the sports industry, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and practical insights.

In addition to its faculty, J.A.S.I. hosts a variety of guest lecturers, which have included top sports executives, prominent agents, team owners, and even retired athletes. These speakers provide students with an invaluable opportunity to hear first-hand about the challenges and opportunities in the sports industry.

J.A.S.I.'s Impact

Since its inception, J.A.S.I. has made a significant impact in the field of sports management education. Its graduates have gone on to successful careers in various roles within the sports industry, and many credit their time at the Institute as a key factor in their success.

The Jerry Argovitz Sports Institute stands as a testament to Jerry Argovitz’s enduring influence on the sports world. Through J.A.S.I., Argovitz continues to shape the industry he helped transform, imparting his wisdom to the next generation of sports leaders. The Institute is an embodiment of Argovitz’s vision for a more knowledgeable, professional, and ethical sports industry.